Ethical Electrical Ontario CaliforniaElectrician Ontario CA

Serving the Ontario California area since 2004. Ethical Electrical is a Southern California based company owned and operated by Dominic Portesi. With over 25 years of experience in the electrical trade. With plenty of experience to serve any type of Residential, Commercial or Industrial Customer.

Ontario California is a community in the Inland Empire,  home of the Ontario International Airport and many Commercial and Industrial businesses.  Dominic Portesi is one of the most experience Master Electricians.  He has many years of experience in the Commercial and Industrial Electrical Industry.

The founder, owner and operator of Ethical Electrical has been in the electrical trade for over 25 years and has traveled as far as Japan to run crews for G.E. and other large corporations.

He has ran electrical crews on multi-million dollar projects successfully passing UL inspections, CE Inspections, N.E.C. Inspections, NASA Inspections, CENELEC Inspections, Corporate Inspections, County Inspections and City Inspections.

For an expert Electrician in Ontario California contact Dominic Portesi.

PHONE: 909-581-5800