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Scales Electrical Service Winston Salem NC

Scales Electrical Services Winston Salem

Scales Electrical Service Winston Salem NC

Residential Electrical Services – Our licensed electricians provide panel upgrades, circuit repair and electrical repairs.  We do electrical remodels and warranty all our work.  

We also install and service Backup Generators for your home.  Our experienced electricians can help you select the correct unit for your home.  If you are worried about power outages in your area, than a backup generator is necessary for your peace of mind. 

We also provide whole house wiring for new construction or for old houses that need whole house electrical upgrades.  We offer customization such as being able to control lights from multiple switches.  Have extra outlets in rooms that you’ll have lots of devices.  We can install smart home features, like thermostats, security systems, and even electrical car charging ports in the garage.  We can customize track lighting, ceiling fixtures or smart lighting fixtures.

Scales Electrical Service is committed to modern solutions.  Construction has standards put in place as homes are built to the needs of the average family.   Our goal especially on new construction projects is to help homeowners truly get everything they’d  envisioned from the home.  We can provide extra plugs in the kitchen or ceiling lights somewhere specific.  Or if the owner is a heavy tech user, we can accommodate upgrades that will fit the owners personal use and support the homeowners dreams.

For questions or getting an estimate, call (336) 473-4990