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Electrician Medford MA

Cohane Electric Medform MAElectrician Medford MA

Cohane Electric has been providing complete electrical services  to Residential Commercial and Industrial customers throughout Massachusetts for over 20 years. We are an innovative and progressive company that provides personalized attention and quality services.
We take pride and all our work to meet your highest standards. Our licensed electricians and expert technicians are prepared and dedicated to working with you through all your electrical needs.
We specialize in Wiring for Power and lighting, Emergency repairs and trouble shooting, computer data, video and sound systems, Fire Alarms and Security systems, energy conservation, Retro-lighting Solar panels and energy conservation.

PHONE: 781-858-9119

Medford, MA Electrician

Electrician Middleton MA

electrician middleton ma

Electrician Middleton MA

We serve all of the North Shore Areas, Essex County, most of Middleton and Beyond. With over twenty years experience as a licensed electrician on Boston’s North Shore, Chris Deao knows how to deliver efficient, friendly and affordable services.

Our mission is to bring complete electrical care to residents and small businesses in Boston’s North Shore, Essex County and beyond. We do that by delivering superior electrical services safely, and at a fair price.  Christopher A. Deao Electrician, LLC. has been an established company with an excellent task record for quality customer satisfaction.  We have never compromised on the services provided to our customers.  we believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competitive price.  we are happy to provide electrical services and knowledge with honesty and integrity.

Electricity is an indispensable necessity to homes and businesses. Power outages, hazardous conditions, or even the anticipation of a service call can cause undue stress and anxiety. And in Massachusetts, which already had the third highest energy prices in the U.S., the recent spike in electric rates has many folks looking for ways to reduce consumption while improving the reliability and safety of their electric system.

We want our customers to have a worry-free experience. To that end, and in order to consistently deliver on our promise of world class service, we’ve developed the following set of guiding principles.

PHONE: 968-777-5254