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Scales Electrical Services Winston Salem

Ethical Electrical, Upland CA

Ethical Electrical is a Southern California based company owned and operated by Dominic Portesi.  He has over 25 years of experience to serve any type of Residential, Commercial or Industrial Customer. 

Ethical Electrical, Dominic Portesi has provided electrical crews on multi-million dollar projects passing UL Inspections, CE Inspections, N.E.C. Inspections, NASA Inspections, CENELEC Inspections, Corporate Inspections, County Inspections and City Inspections.  If you need a specific inspection, this is the company to use.


Scales Electrical Services Winston Salem

Scales Electrical Service – Winston Salem, NC

Residential Electrical Services – Our licensed electricians provide panel upgrades, circuit repair and electrical repairs.  We do electrical remodels and warranty all our work.  

We also install and service Backup Generators for your home.  Our experienced electricians can help you select the correct unit for your home.  If you are worried about power outages in your area, than a backup generator is necessary for your peace of mind. 


Stan the Electrician Nashville TN

Stan the Electrician – Nashville TN

Locally owned and operated small business and here to help. The owner, Stan, has experience when it comes to anything related as to why you would need an electrician.

Nashville homeowners has a new option for a licensed and insured Electrician that can repair any type of electrical problem. We are the go-to guys for your home or business. For years we have providing service calls to the local area. Same day or next day service. We will always make time for you.